Session 7
25. october 12:15-15:45 at location E202

Plan and notes - Preparation - Exercises - Extra

Plans and notes

The Basic book to reference to is C# for Studens, Douglas Bell & Mike Parr, Addison Wesley


Presentations (studens) from portfolio 1

Mitja Bezensek:
Presentation of using inheritance and polymorphism, with examples from portfolio 1.
The theoretical aspect must also explained.

Piotr Pogoda:
Presentation of using strings at string-methods, with exampels from portfolio 1.

Arrays - litterature chapter 14-15:

  • 1 dimension
  • n dimension
  • arrays of arrays

Collections  - litterature chapter 13 + notes:

  • ICollection, IEnumerable, IEnumerator
  • Lists (IList, ArrayList)
  • Dictionary (IDictionary, Hashtable, SortedList)
  • foreach

I will talk about the topics in generel and try to give short examples.
You will work with new excersises.



Read about the topics you didn't understand from the last session - if you haven't got the book se at the toturial links at the course site

Try to figure out what you already know about the new topics, and what you guess about the rest.

Read about the topics you don't know something about - if you haven't got the book se at the toturial links at the course site



The exercises from the last session must be done before this session

Portfolio description

New exercises to be started in this session and to be solved before the next session

Extra materials

Extra materials from the last session

  • Notes about collections (on paper)

Extra materials from this session (may be added after the session)