Session 1 - 6. september

Plan and notes - Exercises - Extra

Plan and notes for meeting

The Basic book will be
C# for Studens, Douglas Bell & Mike Parr, Addison Wesley

You find more details for the book and the cource on "Links" for this cource.

The first day will be thusday 6. of september at 12:15.
The location is D211

The content of the first lecture will about using the IDE and
make changes to a little application.

For the background please read the following

chapter 1 background to C#
chapter 19 - side 336-341 about console programs
chapter 4 about variables excepting stuff about gui and strings

You can read more about variables on this websites

You can read more about the C# compiler on this website



Exercise for the first session of the cource - should be finish for the next meting at 13. september


Extra materials from the session (added after the session)

Slides from session 1
The application objects - diagram