Exam 5. & 6. january - room D206


1. Control structures (selection and repetition)

2. Variables (simple & string), operators, liveness, converting, formating ect.

3. Class & objects (declaration and using)

4. Inheritance and polymorfi

5. Files (files of objects and files of text)

6. Methods and properties

7. String

8. Exceptions

9. Arrays and collections

10. Use of classes from standard-libraries (Gui, database or other special libraries used in portfolio 3).



You randomly select a qustion and talk about the selected topic for about 10 minuts, then we will exam your the for the next 10 minuts.
After the exam we will make the votation arcording to the 13-scale and it will be handle to you immidiatly after the votation.

When the exam starts, you will be taken in the order from the list, but if sombody don't turn in we will go to the next and you must be ready.
This means that you have to turn in for good time before the list-time. Normaly a couple of hours before sceduled time if not first on day.

At the exam, there is no preparation.
You can have a few notes on a paper for your support, but must not have written all down what you want to say.
Program exampels you want to explain must be on paper and in copies for censor and me.
You can sellect your examples from your portfolios, as well as I also might choose some examples of your portfolios for questioning.